Making an IMPACT: 2024 Honorary Chair

Linda Bradley, MD

The prestigious role of Honorary Chair recognizes individuals who have made a significant IMPACT both in our field and within the AAGL. Dr. Linda D. Bradley’s expertise and passion for progress in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, along with her commitment to the development of our young members, dedicated leadership in the AAGL, and advocacy for best practices in patient centered care, have generated a career that has truly moved the needle on women’s health.

Dr. Bradley earned a bachelor’s degree in Biopsychology from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York, before attending the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine where she received her Doctor of Medicine (MD). With her hard work, tenacity and unbridled enthusiasm for hysteroscopy, Dr. Bradley helped introduce hysteroscopy to the Cleveland Clinic, laying the foundation for what is now an important component of their renowned Minimally Invasive Surgery Department. She is currently Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine and has established a robust collaborative practice with interventional radiologists for uterine artery embolization.

As the first African American female staff at the Cleveland Clinic and the first to introduce hysteroscopy, Dr. Bradley has trailblazed paths for many to follow. Fueled by her experiences, she has been an active member of the Cleveland Clinic’s Women’s Professional Staff Association since its inception, where she has advocated for the development, advancement, and well-being of women doctors and researchers on Cleveland Clinic's professional medical staff. When she faces new challenges, she leans on faith and reaches out to her family, her mentors, and her friends, for support, modeling for us how to navigate difficulty and good self-care.

A member for over 30 years, Dr. Bradley has made significant contributions to the AAGL including serving as President from 2010-2011 and on numerous committees. In 2019 she was appointed AAGL Medical Director. After completing her first term, she was appointed to serve a second four-year term. As Medical Director she oversees AAGL’s Special Interest Groups, shares her discerning perspectives with the Board of Directors, supports and guides staff, blesses our membership through her insightful NewsScope articles, represents AAGL at numerous national and international meetings, and helps shape the future of our association.

“Linda adds a new dimension to every conversation with insightful and often provocative comments that expand our understanding and perspective. Any interaction with her is inspiring, any advice she offers is practical and insightful, and any presentation she delivers reflects the cutting edge of scientific, societal, and humanistic aspects of the topic she is addressing," says AAGL SPC Chair and Vice President, Dr. Ted Anderson. “Linda continues to guide AAGL as Medical Director with perspectives that are refreshing and insightful. She brings a moral compass that guides us toward excellence, compassion, and integrity and inspires us professionally and personally.” 

Dr. Bradley’s insatiable scientific curiosity, joy of intellectual discovery, passion for community and connectiveness, and deep-rooted belief in evidence-based practice and patient-centric care is an inspiration to us all. She believes strongly that our patients are our partners. As she says, “Our patient is at the heart of it all, and she is relying on us.”

With gratitude for her service to AAGL and to our profession, we look forward to honoring Dr. Bradley at the 2024 Global Congress in New Orleans this November.

For more information about our 2024 Honorary Chair including her numerous publications, inspirational professional development, and awards, please see this full article of recognition.  

President, 2011 AAGL Board of Directors