Exhibit Hall - 8:00am Product Theater 2 - NORTHGATE TECHNOLOGIES
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 8, 2023, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM

Presentation: Increasing Surgical Efficiency Through Ureter Control 

Speakers: Albert Huang MD, Chief Medical Officer at Northgate Technologies Inc 


  1. Speaker Introduction 

  2. Medical training  

  3. In-field experience

  4. Acquisition to NTI & what is NTI

Introduction of StimSite 
What is StimSite- ureter electrostimulation device that triggers on-demand peristalsis, FDA Safer Technologies receipient 
Clinical need seen from Albert- Avoid ureter injury, expedite surgical time, medical legal documentation 
StimSite enhances your existing instruments 

Ureter Verification 
Confirmation of structure is the ureter with on-demand peristalsis through existing bipolar instruments via foot pedal 

Ureter Awareness  
Maintain full awareness of ureter location throughout the care by inducing spontaneous ureter peristalsis. 
Predictable Cystoscopies  
Reduce waiting and uncertainty in cystscopy times (time to urine jets) via increased frequency of spontaneous peristalsis 

Medicolegal Documentation  
Document in operative report that StimSite was used intraoperatively to confirm ureter location and identity. 
Why is documentation so important? 

[KOL Video] 
Case Walk-Through 
How can this impact the AAGL community? 
Summary of StimSite 

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Music City Center
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United States
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