Video Session 11 - Endometriosis
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 8, 2023, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Moderator: Christian Egarter

11:30 Welcome, Introduction and Course Overview

11:33 Robotic Intracorporeal Single Staple Anastomosis (RiSSA) in Rectosigmoid Endometriosis
D. Tsepov, Y. Youssef, D. Miscovic, G. Moawad
11:39 Ultrasound Integrated Robotic Identification of Sigmoid Colon Deep Endometriosis in the Absence of Posterior Cul De Sac Obliteration
D.E. Hardman, R. Bennett, E. Mikhail
11:45 Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis Involving the Bowel - a Unique Resection and Repair
A. Diggs, S.J. Seaman, M. Gedeon, A. Advincula
11:51 Clinical Correlation: Ultrasound Techniques and Characteristics of Cardinal Ligament Endometriosis with Applied Surgical Techniques
M.R. Bennett, L.A. Haworth, A.E. Barger, J.L. Hudgens
11:57 Laparoscopic Excision of Deeply Infiltrative Bladder Endometriosis Utilizing the Space of Retzius
L.A. Haworth, M.R. Bennett, A.E. Barger, J.J. Woo, J.L. Hudgens

12:03 Complex Pelvic Endometriosis with Diaphragmatic Involvement and Robotic Surgery: Strong Allies
I.M.S.C. D'Albuquerque, C. Pita Lottenberg, M. Corinti, H.D. Giroud Joaquim, D.D.A. Maranhão, G.A.S. Barison
12:09 A Multidisciplinary Approach to Thoracic Endometriosis: An Opportunity for MIGS to Repair the Diaphragm
T. Guerra, T. Onyewuenyi, W. Carroway, C. Tierney, E. Zaritsky, J. Chen
12:15 Questions & Answers

12:29 Adjourn

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